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End-of-Life planning can be overwhelming and confusing. There is no such thing as a plan with only one component when it comes to end-of-life planning. We are also planning for the unknown. We do not know if we (or aging parents, spouses, etc.) will live to an old age, will be healthy or health impaired, will be able to live at home, will need assistance or full-time care… do we effectively plan for the unknown?

Having a Certified Senior Advisor assist with the development of a plan helps to ensure that all areas of life are covered. It truly “takes a village.” A Certified Senior Advisor can assist with locating professionals who will contribute to the plan. Examples of professionals might include an ElderLaw attorney, a senior living community specialist, a social security specialist, a retirement planner, a certified financial planner, a geriatric care manager, a VA/Medicare specialist, and there could be more! Having a Certified Senior Advisor be a team leader, and help to ensure that all of the professionals are “on the same page” and working towards the same goals is imperative to have the development of a comprehensive plan that is effective and useful as you enter your later years.

Look at the photo above – which way would you go? What would be the best way? What would be the shortest way? What would be the most efficient way? What would be the way that would best preserve your assets? Do you have final arrangements planned? Are your final arrangement funds set aside in a protected manner? What plans do you have for long-term care? Do you know if you could stay in your home with modifications should they be required? Are you familiar with different levels of care in senior communities? Do you have powers-of-attorney in place for financial decisions and for health care decisions? What is your “Plan B” for each of these areas?

Contact Essential Arrangements today for guidance and assistance with your end-of-life planning. Plan with a purpose. Remember —- failure to plan is a plan for failure!

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