Someday….I Will Make a Plan!

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Someday….I Will Make a Plan!

As an adult child of aging parents, or as a caregiver of someone who is aging – it is easy to overlook signs that an aging person may need the help of professionals. When a caregiver sees the person frequently, changes are not as noticeable as they are to someone who is not well acquainted with the person.

Additionally, if the aging person is a parent or a loved one, it is often easy to be in denial of the changes that may be visible to others.

How do I know when it is time to call a professional?

The following are signs that a professional is needed:
1. Increased health care concerns, confusion about medical appointments.
2. Falls and unexplained bumps/bruises.
3. Cluttered/disorganized home that is uncharacteristic for that person.
4. Not knowing how to prepare food, shop for food, properly store food.
5. Bills are not being paid or are not being paid correctly.
6. Unkempt appearance, inappropriate clothing for the season.
7. Unsafe driving.
8. Memory loss and increased confusion.
9. Forgetting to take medications and other medication mismanagement.
10. Decreased mobility. Need for assistance in going to the doctors, grocery store, etc.

Calling a professional for an evaluation, or to understand and explore available resources, sooner rather than later is the most helpful. It is much easier to develop a plan than it is to do damage control in the midst of or following a crisis. Having a plan before a crisis develops enables the person to participate in the plan, to elaborate on their wishes, and to have their wishes carried out until the end of life.

Too often, no plan is made, a crisis develops and the options are far fewer. What the person wanted is no longer possible because a plan was not in place and the resources are not available. Especially financial resources may be drained, used or misused, exploited or simply no longer available. Having a plan in place allows for proper allocation of resources, leaves no room for wasting those resources and the person is more likely to have their wishes carried out.

Why not make your plan today? Not only for your loved ones but for yourself.

Let us help you get started on your planning process. Essential Arrangements 316-393-6222. Call today for an appointment.

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