My First Choice Is…

my first choice isMy First Choice Is…

We all have choices to make. Some are easy. Some are hard. Some make a difference in our life, some have little significance. As we age, we have choices about how we want to spend our time, where we want to spend it, and how we want to pay for it. More than 70% of us will not be able to live out our years independently in our own homes. We will need various levels of assistance. Some of us will require minimal assistance or life modifications, some of us will require total assistance and some of us will fall somewhere in between. None of us like to discuss getting older and losing our independence. None of us like to spend (or more accurately “set aside”) money for end of life matters. But think about those choices.

If you have money, and are able to privately pay, you will have total control over where you live and how you live. If you choose not to address end of life issues, and choose not to address end of life issues financially, you will have NO control over where you live and how you live if you are no longer able to live independently.

How many of you, when younger and healthy, would intentionally choose to live off of state assistance and have no control over where you live out your final years? No one that I know of. However, by making no plans and no choices when able to do so, that is exactly the “plan” we are making. Ignoring the fact that we are growing older doesn’t make it not happen. “Hoping” that we can always live independently doesn’t make it so. “Declaring” that we will “never live in one of those nursing homes” doesn’t mean it won’t be necessary.

How many of you, when younger and healthy, would choose to have total control over where and how you live your final years? It’s Unanimous! We all want to have freedom of choice. The ONLY way to make that happen is to plan financially to be able to do so.

Clients who can privately pay for end of life plans have the most choices and are the most desirable client, and therefore receive the best services. Think about it this way: As a (1) consumer – when you have money, you have choices; you can purchase the services and style of living that you choose; as a (2) service provider or senior community, those who private pay are your preferred client, and there is not a deficit between the cost of services and what the state pays; as a (3) taxpayer, those who can privately pay alleviate the burden on taxpayers to pick up the slack.

What do you choose? Do you want to make your own choices or do you want those choices to be dictated by the state? Start your plans today. It is never too late to start a plan.

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