Could This Be Someone You Love?

could this be someone you love

Could This Be Someone You Love?

Here’s the story…..he lived comfortably. He had a reasonable pension. His parents died and left him a modest inheritance. His home was paid for. His health began to decline. He began to be confused about his bills. He began to use his overdraft protection routinely. He began to mismanage his medications. He began to be paranoid that others wanted to harm him. He had no family close, so he began to depend on others to some degree. A neighbor began to take advantage of that dependence. He signed mortgages on his property to a neighbor. His bills began to go unpaid and start piling up. He habitually called 911 for emergency transport. He began to have panic attacks.

What does this mean? A classic story of someone who needs the help of a professional to make a plan. In this case, guardianship (over his person) and conservatorship (over his finances) were the appropriate answer.

End of the story? While he has the help he needs now, and is in a safe place, there were many harmful consequences that could not be undone. He lost his home through foreclosure. His “life” was packed in to a few stackable plastic totes. He was no longer able to drive, so lost his independence to some degree. He can no longer afford a cell phone, cable tv, restaurants and outings to the previous extent. He will soon be on Medicaid because of lack of planning. His choices for assisted living communities will be limited. With a proper plan in place early enough, most of this could have been avoided. He could have sold his home and had some savings. He could use his pension to choose an assisted living community that is acceptable to him, as opposed to who would “take him.” He could have had medication management which would likely have delayed the deterioration of his health.

We all typically make plans for our events in life. If we are going to move to a new city, we make a plan. We look at housing options, school options, and decide whether we will hire a moving van and if so, which one. We plan for career changes, choose our education path and choose our jobs to maximize potential for reaching career goals. However, even though we all are aging, we are in denial and want to delay making any kind of plans. Call a professional today to assist you with making a plan. Age with dignity, and with the plans you want, not what is forced upon you by lack of planning. Essential Arrangements 316-393-6222.

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