But I Just Want a Plain, Pine Casket…

pine casketBut I Just Want a Plain, Pine Casket…

This is a sentiment expressed by many of my clients. They don’t want a fancy casket. They don’t want alot of money spent on their final arrangements. They want something very simple. They are from the “no frills” generation, who want to be respectful while being frugal.

If you have not pre-planned your funeral and made arrangements prior to death, it puts your loved ones in a bind. It can be a time bind. It can be a financial bind. If you have expressed to your loved ones that you want a simple final service, it is even more important for you to pre-plan than if you want to spend alot of money on your final arrangements.

At the time of death, many funeral homes will tell you that they don’t have a “plain pine casket” available. Truth is, they have to get one if that’s what you ask for, but some don’t offer that information to you. If you have pre-planned your arrangements and a plain, pine casket is part of your pre-arrangements, your wishes can be carried out.

Telling loved ones what to do, but now how to do it is hard for them. They may not have the time. They may not have the resources. They may not know where to look, who to ask or how to carry out your wishes. They are put in a hard position because your loved ones want to do what you would have wanted, but they don’t know what that is, or don’t know how to make it happen.

Leaving specific requests without having the finances to back it up is hard on them as well. Pre-planning is so important and it has two distinct areas, planning the details and having the appropriate finances for those details. Sometimes if you want a plain, simple service, funeral homes will try to “guilt” your loved ones in believing that isn’t good enough. Funeral homes are trained to “upsell” and while that may not be true everywhere, it does happen. ¬†Funeral homes in Kansas must accept merchandise from other sources. For example, if you find the perfect “plain pine casket” online, for your final arrangements, the funeral home of your choice must accept that for use.

Giving your loved ones permission NOT to spend money is just as important as giving them permission to spend money. You do not want to leave your loved ones vulnerable to being guilted into spending more than they want, or especially more than they have to spend. If you have not properly funded your final arrangements, someone must pay for your final services. Do you want your loved ones going into debt…using a credit card and paying interest or spending money they don’t have to pay for YOUR services?

I was recently standing in a local funeral home listening to the funeral director take a series of phone calls. She told me the deceased person had no pre-arrangements, the family had no money, so they were calling their friends and asking each to call in with $100 on their credit cards. Hopefully they could find enough friends to pay for their loved ones service. Is that the situation you want to leave your loved ones in?

Pre-plan today. There is no reason to wait.

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