“Making end-of-life preparations is something that most folks put off doing.  Debi helped simplify the process in a very caring way.  Now, everything is in place so that my family will not have to make those decisions at a difficult time.”       Brenda M.


“Debi is a trusted professional that you can count on for accurate and helpful information.”   Celia E.


“Debi has been extremely helpful.  The education and information has been invaluable.  I can’t imagine what this process would have been like without her help.”  Betty P.


“My husband and I just had a session with Debi to get on track with our funeral arrangements. We are impressed with Debi’s expertise in this area. She is so easy to talk to. We asked many, many questions and she was able to help us with everything we asked. She helped us think through and follow-up with the process that suits our needs and finances to a tee!”   Norma B.