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But I Just Want a Plain, Pine Casket…

pine casketBut I Just Want a Plain, Pine Casket…

This is a sentiment expressed by many of my clients. They don’t want a fancy casket. They don’t want alot of money spent on their final arrangements. They want something very simple. They are from the “no frills” generation, who want to be respectful while being frugal.

If you have not pre-planned your funeral and made arrangements prior to death, it puts your loved ones in a bind. It can be a time bind. It can be a financial bind. If you have expressed to your loved ones that you want a simple final service, it is even more important for you to pre-plan than if you want to spend alot of money on your final arrangements.

Would You Rather Receive Interest or Pay Interest?

receive money or pay moneyWould You Rather Receive Interest or Pay Interest?

That is the question…..I saw it again this week.  A sweet lady mistakenly thought that the only way she could pre-fund her funeral is to make small monthly payments, over a several year period, and pay interest for the “privilege” of setting aside her own money!  WRONG!  By using a Funeral Trust, you can make small monthly payments, over the number of years you choose, and RECEIVE interest, much like a savings account.  You do NOT have to pay interest to a third party for the “privilege” of saving your OWN money for your OWN final arrangements!

We don’t have any money…..

we don't have any moneyWe don’t have any money…..

The calls came one day apart…

The first young man said that his mother had died and they had no money and they didn’t know who to call, because they had no money for a funeral.  The next day when I answered the phone, another young man was calling because his mother-in-law was expected to die within the next 24 hours.  His question was the same – they had no money, did I know a funeral home that would work for free or take payments.