We understand that each individual is unique. While most of us plan for important events like graduations and weddings, we often fail to plan for final arrangements, thereby leaving our loved ones to make numerous decisions during one of their most difficult times.

We will provide individually tailored services to help you meet your goals. For some it may be working within a specific budget. For some it may be planning a uniquely personalized event. For some it may be to help locate services and merchandise based on your individual wishes, not based on what “packages” are readily available. For some it may be the financial and emotional protection of their loved ones.

We were formed to educate and inform consumers about cremation and funeral pre-planning. We are not affiliated with any funeral home, cemetery or merchandise vendor, and therefore can provide the consumer with complete and unbiased information about final arrangements. Essential Arrangements acts as a resource and a consultant for all aspects of funeral planning and is not acting as a licensed funeral director.